We are an IPTV service provider. Learn more about IPTV below.

IPTV refers to Internet-based Protocol Television where internet is used to deliver TV programs & Videos that are either live or on demand. Very similar to all the streaming services that you may be familiar with.

Live Television
Video on Demand (VOD)
TV On Demand (TVOD)
Time Shifted TV

With traditional TV, programs are broadcasted by being turned into radio waves and beamed through the air to a rooftop antenna on your home. The antenna converts the waves back into electrical signals and your TV set decodes them to make the sound and picture. With IPTV, your tv channels and VOD are streamed to you through your internet. That’s why your internet speed and quality is so important. This service relies heavily on the quality of your internet.

Please refer to the “How To Set Up” tab in the menu for a step by step guide.

Unfortunately some buffering is to be expected with all IPTV. This is because it is such a big load of content being streamed via your internet. This is why we recommend at least 60Mbps of internet speed for a quality service. The quality of our service on your end will heavily rely on the quality of your internet and speed. 

While some buffering is to be expected, all of our customers are still extremely happy with the service. They all say for the great price they pay and how much money they are saving from cable for everything they are receiving from Infinity Tv, dealing with some buffering is well worth it. Though, there is some tips and tricks we recommend to help better your service and experience.

-Exit out of our service and reopen the application.

-Restart your device.

-Check your storage on your device you have our service on. You do not want your storage to be more than 50% full. A tip for helping this would be to dedicate your device for our tv service as you would a cable box. So essentially, do not download unnecessary applications. If you want to access other applications, use your smart TV for those other services.

-Clear the cache on your device. Access your applications on your device and clear the cache. This is recommended at least once a week.

-Shut down or “kill” applications running in the background that you are not using on your device.

-Restart your router.

-Order faster internet speed with your internet service provider (isp).

-There is a chance your ISP may be throttling your internet speeds. Internet service providers monitor your internet usage, if you are a heavy use, they at times will throttle your internet speed. This is possible and this is where purchasing a quality VPN for your device would be a huge advantage to your internet performance. 

-While all these tips and tricks will help with performance and service, this is why we would recommend you give our free trial a go and see how the service works for you.

Similar to how you have a cable box for your cable tv, you will need a device to access our tv app and service. We recommend the Fire TV products. For example, Firestick or Fire Cube. This device will essentially become your new cable box at each tv.

The initial cost will be the cost of the service package you choose and possible additional connections you may need. The only other additional cost for you will be the cost of the device you purchase to run our service on. For example, the cost of a firestick.

We recommend Fire TV products. This would include:

Fire TV Cube, Firestick 4K Max, Firestick 4K, or any of the tvs sold with FireTV built into them. Another excellent choice is the Nvidia Shield as it has the best performance and specs but will come with a higher price. Our service can also be enjoyed on Apple TV and Roku but it is not our preferred choice. Please keep in mind these products all have different specs, so some perform better than others. At the minimum the Firestick 4K is required.

Your service does not renew automatically. Once your service is activated, you will see an expiration date in the bottom corner of the app. It is your responsibility to renew your service on the “Order Service” page of the website, just like when you placed your initial order. We at Infinity Tv feel we do not want to lock you in to some contract. This is why we offer multiple options in regards to how long of a service you want to purchase with us.

Upon seeing the packages we offer for our service, you will see something called “connections.” Simply put, the amount of connections you will need will be based off of the amount of tvs/devices you will simultaneously be enjoying our service on. For example, if you have 4 tvs in your home and you think those 4 tvs will have Infinity TV or Infinity VOD playing at the same time, then you will want a 4 connection plan. Our average customer has 3-4 connections per account, due to multiple tvs, kids, using the mobile service while away from home or on the road, etc.  Keep in mind, having that many connections would require that many devices.

While we have what seems like an Infinite amount of movies and tv series in our VOD library here at Infinity TV, it is still always growing. If there is a movie or tv series that’s missing, reach out to us and we will try our best to add it.

While you will be gaining so much switching from cable and coming over to Infinity TV, there will be some small features you will lose like recording and the previous channel button. That’s a small price to pay for all the amazing content and entertainment you will be receiving.

Once you place an order for a package, you will typically receive your login credentials within a few hours, typically quicker. If it has been more than 24 hours since you placed an order and still have yet to receive your log in information please reach out to us.

Along with using our service on a firestick, nvidia shield, or apple tv, you will also be able to enjoy it via mobile app on your phone as well as a computer. Keep in mind, another great benefit to what we offer is that if you have our service on a firestick, you can take that’ll  firestick with you when you travel and plug it into any tv. As long as you have decent wifi to hook the firestick up to, you can enjoy this amazing service anywhere you go, like on vacations.

Yes there is a tv guide. This is what you will see referred to as “EPG” which stands for electronic program guide. Upon running our service you will want to update the channel and epg. Once the epg updates you can click on live tv with epg.

Once you are in the appropriate section for what you are trying to watch, whether “Movies” or ‘Series” you will then click on the left hand side “All.” From there you will navigate up to the top right where the magnifying glass is and thats where you can type in whatever you are looking for. 

Please use the “Contact Us” tab on our menu. If you have any other questions that were not answered on this FAQ page, please reach out to us.